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Meditation - Mindfulness Coach &Yogi

I love to see people happy, wild and free

Set yourself free, thus set your world free! Being free in the mind, free in the body, makes us free in life. Ola has gained her experiences mainly in The Far East. "We sometimes forget to be quiet, or be still. It is fantastic that we set our goals and look forward. However, we need balance. We tend to move forward faster and faster, wanting more and more. Through Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga I found my balance. I have learned to stand still. We practically don't do so anymore since we are born. Our head continues to generate thoughts and our legs just keep walking and wanting to move forward.'' , says Ola.

According to Ola, we find all the answers inside . We can guide our thoughts through training. '' The mind occasionally needs rest in this hectic busy fast-paced society. With various tools we can give our brain this rest which is needed.'', thus Ola.


Gentle Hatha Yoga
Yogi, Dietician & Life coach

You are only as healthy and vital as your spine is

Jennifer completed her education in Nutrition & Dietetics in the Netherlands. She wanted to add more to that, after years of practicing Yoga herself, she also wanted to become a teacher and therefore she flew to Asia for her training. She is also a Lifestyle Coach. She has a holistic approach and knows the most important aspects for a healthy lifestyle. She likes to advise! Her yoga classes are consistent with this to help others to bring back to themselves. She likes to remind others of the daily busy life. For Jennifer it is important to make room for a bit of rest and relaxation, and Yoga is perfect to find this connection again.

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